Who's The Boss


Charles Dera, dressed in a handsome suit, is busy working at his desk when his sexy, curvy secretary, Alexxxis Allure, brings him a fresh cup of coffee. As she leans over him to set the coffee down, she gives Charles a niceglimpse of her hefty breasts before straightening up again with a coy smile. Charles' hungry eyes are naturallydrawn to her full figure, and the intense desire between them is impossible to ignore.

Although Charles tries to remain professional, he has his work cut out for him.

Not to be deterred, Alexxxis slowly begins undoing the buttons on her blouse, one by one. She sways her hips asshe takes a seat directly across from Charles while he's on a business call. Her expression is mischievous as shesqueezes her breasts, making sure she has Charles' attention. While Charles does his best to keep his mind onwork, he ultimately can't resist staring at the large breasts right there in front of him. Alexxxis is stunning, and itdoesn't take much to win Charles over.

As soon as he hangs up, he tries giving Alexxxis a stern look, but it only turns them both on even more.

'I'm just giving you what you need...' Alexxxis teases as she unhooks her bra as Charles joins her. AlthoughCharles is her boss, SHE'S the one in control now.

Alexxxis pulls the ultimate power move by sauntering around the desk and making herself comfortable in her boss'chair. As she rubs herself all over, she beckons Charles close so that she can go down on his dick and get himready. Once he's prepared, Alexxxis playfully bends over the desk, inviting Charles inside her pussy. As they makegood use of the office for their heated encounter, it becomes clear that Alexxxis is VERY good at anticipating boththeir needs!
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