Clearing Their Schedules


Kimmie KaBoom and her husband, Alex Legend, are catching up and enjoying some much-needed alone time. With their busy schedules, it's hard for them to be intimate, but tonight, it's all about them.

They start the evening off curled up together on the couch, with Kimmie tucked against Alex's side. They exchange flirty, longing gazes while brushing their fingertips along each other's arms, both wanting nothing more than to be pressed close. The slow burn is exciting yet frustrating, and they know they won't be able to resist jumping each other for long.

Then Alex decides to spoil his wife by giving her a sensual shoulder massage. As he works her shoulders and collarbone, Kimmie is putty in his strong hands. When those hands sweep over her gorgeous, full breasts, Kimmie's heart starts pounding. The heat between them only intensifies as he slowly rubs circles over her round belly down to her sweet pussy.

Unable to deny each other any further, Kimmie invites Alex in by spreading her legs. He eagerly tongues her pussy before sliding his cock inside, wanting to please his wife to the fullest. As they rock their bodies together, they've never been closer... It looks like they'll have to work harder to clear their schedules more often!
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