Dripping With Desire



Karla Lane saunters into her bathroom, adorned in nothing but lacy underwear that shows off her voluptuous form. She stands before a mirror, flirting with herself and feeling extra sexy as she plays with her wavy hair and bites her bottom lip teasingly. She strips free of her bra and underwear, casting them aside to let her glowing skin breathe.

She then steps into the shower, the water cascading over her body, highlighting her erotic curves. Her flushed skin glistens as she lets the warm water soothe and arouse her. Karla is nothing but confident and sensual, a woman who knows what she wants. Her hands glide slowly but purposefully over her big, natural breasts, round belly, sexy ass, and shapely thighs before coming to rest on her imploring pussy.

Her dashing husband, Alex Duca, steps into the bathroom to wash his face but is entranced by the vision of BBW perfection in the background. He barely even blinks as he watches her please herself, growing hotter with each passing second. Finally, he can't resist removing his shirt and striding over to the shower, rapping lightly on the glass to get his goddess' attention.

Karla snaps out of her lustful haze to see her lover standing before her, eager to please her. She giggles as they exchange inviting, impassioned looks before meeting each other's lips in a steamy kiss. It doesn't take much to entice Alex to strip down and join her in the shower.

Once they're in each other's embrace, Alex showers Karla with love and affection. He slides in behind her, pressing their bodies close as he reaches around her to run his strong hands over her breasts. He can't get enough of Karla as he massages her all over, making Karla melt beneath his touches. Sometimes he even gets a bit rough, but it's just the way Karla likes it.

Karla soon turns around and sinks to her knees, lavishing his cock with attention. The sight of her husband at the ready empowers her. After sucking him, she squeezes her plump breasts together while grinning up at him. Alex eagerly accepts the unspoken invitation as he slides his cock between her breasts and tit-fucks her. She relishes the foreplay as he soon fingers and eats out her sweet pussy before moving onto the main event. With her front pressed against the glass, he takes her from behind, and they both blissfully surrender to the heat of the moment.
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