Morning's Rise


It's a bright, sunny morning, and Falicha Karr is feeling sexy and frisky. She saunters down a hallway, wearing nothing but white lingerie to show off her gorgeous curves. She makes a beeline for the bedroom where her boyfriend, Jack Kross, is resting in bed.

She stands seductively in the doorway, her eyes falling on her handsome man. She nips her bottom lip with a look of pure desire and glides her hand over her hefty breasts and down along her round belly before slipping it inside her panties.

She can't deny herself any further as she moves in, crawling across the bed and bracing over Jack. She stirs him with a tantalizing kiss and Jack is pleased -- what a gorgeous BBW beauty to wake up to!

Falicha continues giving him sultry stares as she crawls down his form and frees Jack from his underwear. She wastes little time taking his stiffening dick into her hand and going down on him. She even rubs her breasts along his cock, letting him get in a little tittyfucking, which she knows he loves. Finally, she can't stand the tension anymore as she lowers herself on his cock and takes herself for a ride.

Falicha enjoys herself to the fullest as her boyfriend mixes things up, making sure to admire the view from every delectable angle. Falicha is all too happy to take what she can get, needing those morning urges satisfied. Forget grabbing a cup of coffee -- THIS is how every morning should start!
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