Special Occasion


Estella Bathory is adding the finishing touches to her makeup while wearing sexy, new lingerie that her husband,Alex Duca, gifted her. The lingerie hugs her curves just right, showing off her sensual, full figure. She feels extraalluring as she applies dark red lipstick and black eyeliner in the mirror, ready to see what else Alex has in store forthat night.

When Alex arrives home and see his voluptuous goddess confidently wearing his gift, he can't wait to run his handsall over her. She looks even hotter in the lingerie than he imagined! Lucky for him, Estella's eager to show him whatelse is hotter than he ever could've imagined...

She's on the prowl as her husband lays back on the sofa, undoing his pants and freeing his dick. She lowers herselfbetween his legs, casting him sultry looks as she strokes his cock, then goes down on it, lavishing him withattention. Not to be outdone by his wife, Alex also takes a turn with going down on her in return, getting them bothready for the main event.

Unable to fight the tension between them any further, Estella sexily crawls across the sofa on her hands and knees,giving Alex a very nice view of her round ass and sweet pussy from behind. Now is the moment they've beenwaiting for as Estella invites him inside, giving her husband an erotic gift in return.
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